How Charter Works

How Do You Charter?

  1. Pick your routing: Departure and Arrival airport.
  2. Decide if you prefer 1 Pilot or 2.
  3. Customize your trip details- One Way / Round-Trip / Sit and Wait.
    (Yes, our pilots will wait for you!)
  4. Need Assistance? Our team will work out the details with you.
  5. And you’re on your way! (No lines, No waiting)

Call 603-351-5151 or Request a Quote online using the button below.   

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Common Questions

What are the rules for Carry-On items?

We can not carry Hazardous Materials on any Air New England flight.    

Please refer to the FAA PackSafe website for allowed Carry-On items and allowed Checked items. 


Where does Air New England fly to?

We fly all over the Northeast of the United States and into Canada.  We fly into over 300 airports large and small, big city or rural.

Can I bring a pet on the Flight?

Yes!  We are a pet-friendly operation.  See our Terms and Conditions for more details. Click Here 

Can I have two pilots?

Yes.  We offer you the option of having one or two pilots on your Flight.

Is Charter safe?

Absolutely.  We are governed by the FAA just as the major airlines are.  

When you are flying Charter with Air New England, you are flying with some of the most experienced pilots in the aviation industry.

Can I send just Cargo?

Yes.  We are authorized to fly cargo as well as passengers. Air New England is not authorized to carry Hazmat however.  For more details, call our office.

Can I fly on an empty leg?

Yes.  Give us a call, we can let you know what’s coming up and where we will be.  Or signup for Empty Leg alerts now and get notified!  Sign Up for Empty Leg Alerts


Air New England is a FAR Part 135 certified air carrier with full Operational Control of their respective charter flights and in full compliance with all FAA requirements and standards. 

Phone:  1-603-351-5151

Fax:  1-603-215-5114