Private Charter

  • Passengers
  • Cargo

Air New England is an Part 135 On-Demand charter provider.   We cater to pleasure and business travelers.  We are pet-friendly and offer many customizable options:

Business or Pleasure

One-Way or Round Trip

 Sit and Wait


We'll work with you to create a solution for you or your business.

Air New England can also carry cargo for hire.  Give us a call for your individual needs and you'll see what we can do for you!

  • Medical Equipment
  • Packages
  • Parts
  • And other cargo

Visit FAA PackSafe for more information on what can be carried.

NOTE: We cannot carry Hazardous Materials.  Air New England is part of the Will Not Carry Program.  Please call us for specific items of concern.

How Charter Works

  1. Pick your routing: Departure and Arrival airport.
  2. Decide if you prefer 1 Pilot or 2.
  3. Customize your trip details- One Way / Round-Trip / Sit and Wait.
    (Yes, our pilots will wait for you!)
  4. Need Assistance? Our team will work out the details with you.
  5. And you’re on your way! (No lines, No waiting)

Call 603-351-5151 or Request a Quote online using the button below. 


Air New England is a FAR Part 135 certified air carrier with full Operational Control of their respective charter flights and in full compliance with all FAA requirements and standards. 

Phone:  1-603-351-5151

Fax:  1-603-215-5114